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About the company and people behind the best quality rubber rolls and most smooth grinding surface services . Here we will tell you about our company.

Our Business Philosophy

Quality is important to any manufacturer. We emphasize quality throughout each step of our manufacturing process to produce  an ideal rubber roll. We also strive to be as efficient as possible so we can offer a competitive price to our customers.
our aim is poduction of best quality rubber roll so as to be used longest time with best results .
Mr Kamal Mohamed Dorgham a name means trust and quality in rubber roll industry


Our Company History

Elshark for rubber rolls Kamal Mohamed Dorgham was established by Mr Kamal Mohamed Dorgham since 1945 and since that time our job is producing best quality  rubber rolls with standard specifications and long service life dealing with the biggest printing houses in Egypt.
Mr Kamal M.Dorgham with his best quality rubber rolls gained the customers satisfaction and trust now Dorgham`s rubber rolls means quality rubber rolls lasting long in the machine providing best results.
 At first the factory was located in Cairo but for enlargment reasons and to fulfil the continuous demond  we erected another factory in 10Th of Ramadan .  
We have been in business for several years now, and we apply this experience blended with quality raw materials to satisfy  our customer needs. We have the capabilities to custom-build a rubber roll to meet your specific requirements.

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